Koen Van Mechelen is a Belgian contemporary artist, born on March 15, 1965, in Sint-Truiden, Belgium. He is known for his multidisciplinary art practice that combines biology, genetics, and art.

One of his most well-known projects is “The Cosmopolitan Chicken Project” (CCP), which he launched in 1999. In this ongoing project, Van Mechelen crosses different breeds of chickens from around the world to create a hybrid chicken breed that he calls the “Cosmopolitan Chicken.” The project explores not only genetics and biodiversity but also issues such as globalization, migration, and cultural identity.

In addition to his work with chickens, Van Mechelen also explores other themes such as evolution, identity, and the relationship between nature and culture. His art practice encompasses various media, including installations, sculptures, drawings, and videos.

Van Mechelen has had exhibitions worldwide, and his work is included in numerous art collections. He is praised for his innovative approach to art and his ability to explore complex subjects through creativity and science.