Zevs, born in 1977 in France as Christophe Aguirre Schwarz, is a contemporary French artist known for his provocative and innovative works within street art and conceptual art. He is renowned for his critical approach to commercial culture and the influence of brands and advertising on our daily lives.

Zevs rose to prominence in the early 2000s due to his ‘liquidated logos,’ in which he ‘dissolved’ famous brand logos as if they were melting. These works serve as commentary on the dominant role of brands in modern society and raise questions about the boundaries between art, commerce, and consumerism.

In addition to his ‘liquidated logos,’ Zevs has also created other works, including paintings, installations, and performances, often playing with the visual language of advertising and popular culture. His work is characterized by a subversive energy and a keen sense of humor, challenging the viewer to critically reflect on the world around them.

Zevs has exhibited worldwide, and his work is included in numerous public and private collections. He remains an influential figure within contemporary art, and his work continues to be relevant and provocative in a world increasingly influenced by brands and advertising.