Joe Sedgley is a contemporary British artist specializing in kinetic art, an art form that involves movement. He is known for his unique creations that explore the interaction between motion, light, and space.

Sedgley was born in the United Kingdom and studied at various art academies before specializing in kinetic art. His work is characterized by complex mechanisms and ingenious designs resulting in captivating moving sculptures and installations.

He utilizes a variety of materials and techniques to bring his artworks to life, ranging from traditional metal and woodworking techniques to modern electronics and computer programming.

Sedgley’s artworks have been exhibited in galleries and art institutions worldwide, earning admiration from both art enthusiasts and critics alike. His work often explores themes such as time, space, and the relationship between humans and technology.

Through his innovative approach to kinetic art, Joe Sedgley has made a lasting impression on the art world and remains an influential figure in the realm of moving art.