Plastic Jesus is an anonymous street artist and social commentator from Los Angeles, California. His identity remains largely unknown, and he is known for his provocative and satirical works that address political and social issues.

Plastic Jesus began his career as an artist on the streets of Los Angeles, where he displayed his artworks in public spaces. He often uses stencils, sculptures, and installations to convey his messages. His art focuses on subjects such as consumer society, celebrity culture, politics, and social inequality.

One of his most well-known works is a statue of the Oscar trophy, which he placed on the street in 2015, lying on its side with a needle in its arm, referencing the issues of drug use in Hollywood. Plastic Jesus is known for addressing controversial topics, and his artworks often spark controversy and discussion.

While his identity remains hidden, Plastic Jesus has gained international recognition, and his artworks have been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide. He continues to be active as an artist, using his work to stimulate critical conversations and raise awareness about current issues.