Panamarenko, born Henri Van Herwegen on February 5, 1940, in Antwerp, Belgium, was a renowned Belgian sculptor, artist, and inventor. He was particularly known for his creative and innovative works that sparked the imagination and often blended art with technology.

Throughout his career, Panamarenko created a wide range of artworks, including sculptures, drawings, installations, and flying machines. His work was characterized by a fascination with flight and aviation, often inspired by his childhood obsession with airplanes and astronautics.

What truly made Panamarenko unique was his ability to design and build complex and imaginative machines that appeared capable of flying but often only worked in the realm of imagination. His creations were a blend of art, science, and poetry, raising questions about the relationship between man and technology, exploration, and dreams.

Panamarenko enjoyed international recognition, and his work was exhibited in renowned museums worldwide. He was considered one of the leading Belgian artists of the 20th century, and his influence extended far beyond the boundaries of the art world, captivating people of all ages with his imagination and ingenuity. Panamarenko passed away on December 14, 2019, but his legacy as a visionary and creative genius continues to endure.