Marie-Jo Lafontaine is a Belgian contemporary artist, born on January 30, 1950, in Antwerp. She is renowned for her multidisciplinary art practice, spanning various media including photography, video, installation, and performance.

Following her studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Lafontaine embarked on her artistic career in the 1970s. Her work quickly gained recognition for its powerful emotional impact and its ability to address profound psychological and social themes.

One of the most striking features of Lafontaine’s work is her use of the human body, often nude, as a means to express complex human emotions and experiences. Her photographic series and video artworks often explore themes such as identity, gender, intimacy, and the relationship between the individual and society.

Throughout her career, Lafontaine has had numerous exhibitions in prestigious art galleries and museums worldwide. Her work has gained international recognition, appreciated for the depth of her concepts and the strength of her artistic expression.

Over the years, Marie-Jo Lafontaine has made a significant contribution to the contemporary art world, both in Belgium and globally, and continues to be an influential figure for many artists and art enthusiasts.