Christian Dotremont‘s passion for words, images and art was clear from early on, born into a family occupied with the editing and publishing of art journals. His passion and interest in creating pieces of art through words, eventually became a defining factor througout his entire career.

As a young poet in the early 40’s, Dotremont came in contact with the Surrealist “COBRA” movement, which aimed “to reveal the many facets of art”. With these surrealists, he discovered a new artistic form, that encouraged the freedom to experiment with words, images and concepts, passionately and vividly examining art as a concept.

In the work of Dotremont, words always have a prominent part. Dotremont developped a style of writing, a system of symbols called “logogrammes”, that ressemble something between images and words. The logogrammes appear as a beautiful and excuisite pattern, referencing calligraphy or Arabic scripture. Dotremont painted these “words” throughout his entire life. Often, he would accompany them with a short note beneath the piece, translating the logogramme into brief poetry.