Jim Dine is an American sculptor, painter, printmaker, and poet, born on June 16, 1935, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is considered a significant figure in the pop art movement of the 1960s, although his work also incorporates elements of expressionism, surrealism, and abstraction.

Dine studied at the University of Cincinnati and continued his education at Ohio University. In the early 1960s, he moved to New York City, where he quickly gained recognition for his distinctive mixed-media paintings, sculptures, and graphic works. His work was characterized by recognizable motifs such as tools, hearts, bathrobes, and self-portraits, often used as symbols of his personal emotions and experiences.

Dine was one of the first artists to incorporate everyday objects into his work, bridging the gap between art and everyday life. He experimented with various materials and techniques, including assemblage, collage, lithography, and woodcut, and became known for his expressive, emotionally charged style.

Throughout his career, Dine has had numerous solo exhibitions at prestigious galleries and museums worldwide. His work is included in the collections of prominent art institutions, and he has received several awards for his contributions to contemporary art.

Jim Dine remains active as an artist, continually experimenting with new ideas and materials. His work continues to play an influential role in the modern art world.