Thierry De Cordier was born in 1954 in Oudenaarde. He currently lives and works in Ostend. His work consists of drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations and poetry / philosophy. He always writes in French, his mother’s language. His work is held in numerous museum collections, including SMAK, Ghent and Centre Pompidou, Paris.

After his studies at the Ghent Academy Thierry De Cordier led a nomadic life for about 10 years. He called himself “a fulltime thinker”. In 1987 he organised his first solo exhibition in Ghent. Thierry De Cordier has always had many questions about life and how people experience this life. De Cordier is disappointed in mankind. The atmosphere in De Cordier’s work is dark and gloomy, like his thinking.

The number of prints made by Thierry De Cordier is very limited.