Michaël Borremans is a contemporary Belgian artist, born on July 19, 1963, in Geraardsbergen, Belgium. He is renowned for his intriguing paintings and drawings that often evoke a sense of mystery and estrangement.

Borremans studied at the Hogeschool Sint-Lukas in Brussels, where he specialized in painting. His work is characterized by masterful technical skill and composition, often drawing inspiration from various sources including photography, film, and literature.

Although his paintings are often figurative, Borremans adeptly blends elements of realism and surrealism, lending his work a mysterious and somewhat unreal atmosphere. His subjects range from portraits to still lifes to more suggestive, narrative scenes, often prompting questions about identity, human relationships, and the nature of reality.

Borremans has received international recognition for his work, with exhibitions worldwide in leading museums and galleries. His work is included in the collections of prestigious institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent.

In addition to his paintings and drawings, Borremans has also created a few short films that explore the same themes of mystery and estrangement as his visual art.

With his unique vision and technical prowess, Michaël Borremans remains an influential figure in the contemporary art world, whose work is both admired and discussed by critics and enthusiasts worldwide.